The host: Canen

The enthusiasm for Breaks and Beats came into being in the early nineties. In this time, especially bands like Portishead and The Prodigy inspired Canen. Due to Prodigys‘ album Experience Canen was completely infected with the Jungle-Virus.

After Canen attended several Jungle parties, he visited the in those days newly opened (in the meantime legendary) ‚Noize Club‘ for the first time. In this club, he heared for the first time, how Cativo demonstrated his hard Drum & Bass to the celebrating crowd. Finally, this was the decisive reason for Canen to move the turntables himself.

Because of his ambition, in 1997 Canen himself moved the turntables for the first time, of course in the ‚Noize Club‘, next to Cativo. Then Canen started the party-serial (Break) Inferno together with Cativo. On this well-known event in the Wuerzburg ‚Airport‘, Canen played next to authorities like Grooverider, DJ Hype, J.Majik, LTJ Bukem, Bad Company, etc..

In the meantime, Canen is Resident DJ and hoster of the legendary (Break) Inferno – party-serial in Würzburg. And of course Canen is the host of the Locked Into Drum & Bass Podcast.

Canen always tries to create his DJ-sets and tracks more varied and to put the finishing touches to his technique. Canen calls himself a perfectionist. His motto is: ‚Good is definitely not good enough.‘