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In this episode I play many deep tunes with Jungle influences in the beginning. At the end its getting harder with new Neurofunk tunes. New stuff from Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Dbridge, Emperor, Xeomi & Kaiza, and many more…

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Qedamawi – Jah Live
HVRLYN – Piccadilly Bop
Chopstick Dubplate feat Cheshire Cat – I’m Sure (Subcriminal & Jacky Murda Remix)
Enigma – Ultrasonic
Ation Rend – Final Capture
Osmas – Heatman
Bou & Upgrade & Chimpo – Creeper
Dbridge – Last Nerve
Whiney & Inja – Game Face (Stay Alert)
HVRLYN – The Wedge
Bou & Enei – DP
Mozey – Knock Ya Block Off
Isaac Maya Painted Skies – Jungle Empire
Halflight – Take It Low
Future Cut – 20/20 VIP
Document One Levela – Heat Beams
Gest – Inertia
Hexatech – Destruct System
Jon Void – Drop It Low
Ephyum – Exitus
Emperor & Forbidden Society – Disremember
Cliques. – Not Of This World
Mystical Sound – Bounce
De:Tune – Vatican Cameo
Hilleh – Takedown
Mindhead – I Know (feat Mellanox)
Parkinsonick – Wall
A.M.C – Gotham (Drumsound & Bassline Smith remix)
Tr Tactics & Manta – The Hunt (original mix)
Mystical Sound – Strobe
Ed Rush & Optical – The Kindred
Bytecode – Kinetic (TR Tactics remix)
Xeomi Kaiza – Monochrome
Switch Technique – Forged

Recorded: 18.02.2021


In this episode I play another tune from the latest DC Breaks LP „DCXV“. Also another tune from the mighty DJ Trace. Taken from his LP „Retox“. There is new stuff from The Logistics and Original Sin. This time I push the tempo to the maximum at the end of the episode.

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Logistics – Jungle Music (DRS & Dynamite MC x Logistics Remix)
Xtrah – Murderation
CELO & Echo Motion – B-Field (Echo Motion remix)
Xtrah & Genic – Droplets
DJ Trace – Tactic
Particle And Klinical – Cult Process
Ink & Dylan – Need You (Ink Loxy & Resound Remix)
Khramer – Suspicious
Philth & Wreckless – Full Moon
Whiney & Subten – Headlines
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Benny L remix)
Philth & Wreckless – Stone Cold
Loxy & Dylan – Fraggle Rock (Ink Loxy & Resound Remix)
Particle & T>I – Vortex
Bou & Enei – DP
Khramer – You Can’t
Conrad Subs – Fury
666666 feat Marianna Ray – StxY XWxKe
D*Minds – Cash Man
Conrad Subs – Run It Pon Dem
Heist – Celestial (Original)
Original Sin – Tiger Kung Fu
Dima Zago – Serum
Current Value – Cockpit
MNDSCP – Scavenger
DC Breaks – Control The World
Brain Wave Vecster – Bones
The Martens – Rockin‘
Killbox – Cypher Pattern
Blast – Shapeshifter
Switch Technique & Freqax – Flaming Future
Kryzys – Disparity
Nightbreed – Pack Of Wolves (Pendulum remix)

Recorded: 06.02.2021


In this episode I drop many new tunes from all sub genres of drum & bass including tunes from DC Breaks LP „DCXV“ and Murdocks LP „Stronger“. The old skool vibe in this episode comes by the legendary DJ Trace who released his „Retox“ LP in January.

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Whiney feat Subten – Headlines
Koherent Monrroe – Need U
Revan Parallel Identities – My Reality
DJ Trace – Ditch
Simple Simon – Double Edge
Mystical Sound – Burning
CPH & Silence Groove – Subdued
Simple Simon – No Limits
Annix feat Rider Shafique – Equinox
DJ Trace – Dirty Step (feat Ryme Tyme)
Black Barrel – Cancelled
Perplex (DNB) – Let Me Tell Ya
TNTKLZ – Creep Up
Damage Report – Don’t Move
Murdock & Roni Size – Double Dutch (AC13 Remix)
Enta – Vortex
Murdock – Alien
TNTKLZ – The Bash
Murdock – Holding On (feat James Marvel – Rene Lavice Remix)
Shadow Sect & Mizo – Genesis
Cliques. – Samurai
TNTKLZ – Breakup
Cod3x – Jungle Demon
DC Breaks & Eva Lazarus – We Never Slow Down
Hyper Wargasm – Spoiler (Recoil) (Zardonic Remix)
Kodin & Billain – Selcouth
Disaszt & The Clamps – Daemon
Kodin – Cyberpunk
DC Breaks – Club Thug
Kodin – We Won’t Obey
Switch Technique Ft. LifeSize MC – Gene Machine
Bobby & Points NCM – Vaccine
DC Breaks & Belle Humble – Move Closer (XV Mix)

Recorded: 30.01.2021


In the first episode of the Locked Into Drum & Bass Podcast in 2021 its getting deep in the beginning. As always the set includes many different sub genres of Drum & Bass. Pushing the tempo from minute to minute.

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Tell Me Your Lies feat. Sayntei – Hillsdom
Inveigle – Critical Event & Askel & Elere
Never Last – Rift feat Petroll & Cluda
Uprising Dub – Simstah
Deadly Fog – Division (DNB)
The Rift – Bowsar
Unforgiving – QZB
Under Pressure – Simstah
Ay Señor – Drytek feat Natty D
Badboy (Bish remix) – DJ Hybrid
Transistors – Neve
Kali Mist – Simstah & Chris Harmonics & Glyph
Styx – No_Name
Saga – Molecular
Useless (Original Mix) – FX909
Vindictive – Hexa
Yurei – Drytek
Soul Train – Kl
Blue Cortina – DJ Hazard
Riffs – Serum
Tear In Vain – DBridge
Zion – D-Minds
Play Again – Levela
When The Dreams Are Over – DJ Hazard
Destination Jungle – Bladerunner
Gloom – Slang (DNB)
Feel It – Drumsound & Bassline Smith
Testing Lab – Nais
Encore – The Caracal Project
Code To Optimize – Dj Aki, Yellock & Audio
Intoxicated – The Caracal Project
Distance (Buunshin remix) – Apashe feat. Geoffroy

Recorded: 23.01.2021


In the third episode of the Locked Into D&B Podcast I played a set with the full range of the Drum & Bass genre. The set starts with some deep bassy tunes and continues with new Ragga Jungle remixes. I´ve also dropped some fantastic RAM Trilogy remixes and finally I kill it with „in your face“ neuro tunes.

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goddard. – Prospa
Dunk – Soldier Boy
Thir13en – Deactivated
Selecta J-Man – Coconut Chalwa (feat Cheshire Cat – Marcus Visionary remix)
Digital & Outrage – Reunion
Riot – The Swarm (Mikal Remix)
Kasra – Let It Slide (feat Slay)
Zombie Cats – Selva
Thir13en – Vital Signs
Amoss – Ghcb
Killbox – Beaker
RAM Trilogy – The Map (T>I remix)
Selecta J-Man, Aries & Blackout JA – Ninja Mi Ninja (feat Courtney Melody – T>I remix)
RAM Trilogy – Incoming (InsideInfo & Ant Miles remix)
Zombie Cats – I Want
Dopplershift – Champion (feat Lazersharkk & Crosby)
Mikal – Echoplex
Selecta J-Man – Round Here (feat Rider Shafique – Ben Snow remix)
Amoss – Speed Shades (Grey Code Remix)
Disrupta – Perspective
Aries & Jacky Murda – Jungle Style (feat Spyda – DJ Gaw remix)
RAM Trilogy – Titan (Shimon remix)
Surge – No 66
Disrupta & Magenta – Mind Control
AC13 – Awake (VIP)
Rahmanee – Bad Boy Steppa (Gray remix)5:00pm
Teddy Killerz – Revenge
RAM Trilogy – Iron Lung (SyRan remix)
Zombie Cats – Mutation
IMANU – Nonplus (SKANTIA remix)
Mind & Dolls – Burr Oak
No Regrets (feat Coppa) – Hallucinator
STFU (Shadow Sect & Hallucinator VIP Remix) – Shadow Sect & Dope D.O.D.
Wall of death – Hallucinator & Maztek
RAM Trilogy – No Reality (Andy C remix)

Recorded: 28.12.2020


In the second episode of the Locked-Into Drum & Bass Podcast I selected some new fresh tunes from the whole range of the D&B genre.

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Division (DNB) – Betrayal
Outrage – K Zero 9
Division (DNB) – Crypta
Halftone – Burnout
Buunshin – Abrasion
Shodan – Orbiting
Raiden & Meth – The John Wilson Project
Kastro feat Kyst Kortez – Creation of the Black
Zombie Cats – Mutation
Disrupta & Mofes – The Trip (feat. Haribo)
DLR & Break – Hit the Target
Outrage & Digital – Stampede
Outrage, Digital feat Irie J – Eclipse
Xav – Dubplate Fever
Outrage – Make Or Break
Raiden & Meth – The Bob Nudd Project
Phibes – Soundboy Killer
Buunshin – Sterven
Serum – Cut & Shut
Phibes – Diva
Delta Heavy – Space Time (VIP)
Tc – Edge Of Chaos
Delta Heavy – Take the Stairs (VIP)
Buunshin – No Match
John B – Up All Night (Data 3 Remix)
Killbox – Epicentre

Recorded: 12.12.2020


In the very first Episode of Locked-Into Drum&Bass it is going to be deep and dark with many old skool sounds.

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Whiney – Caught Up
Nymfo – Sting Blade
Exile And Mark XTC – Pull Up
Document One – Like This
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Power Of The Future
Document One – The Beast
Nymfo & Hijak MC – Pathfinder
Enei – Rollin Machine
John Rolodex – Unadorned
Break Feat. Mc GQ – Whispers In My Ear (Break Remix)
Enei – Icon Face
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Nexus
Nymfo – Everything Will Be
Artificial Intelligence – Outer Origins
Grey Code – Helios
Enei – Voices
Nymfo – Forbidden Planet
Grey Code feat. Becca Jane Grey – Dante
Total Science – Lightweight (Break Remix)
Whiney feat. Parly B – Roll Out
Murdock & Doctrine – Fire (Drumsound & Bassline Smith vs. Tantrum Desire Remix)
Rene LaVice feat. S.P.Y. – Hollywood
Smooth – Black Streak
Mob Tactics – Insomniak
Murdock & Doctrine – Acid Howl (Current Value Remix)
Murdock Feat. Dynamite MC – Dark Cloud (Enei Remix)
Netsky & Rudimental feat. Afronaut Z – Blend
Break & Total Science – Dog’s Dinner (Mefjus Remix)
Tantrum Desire – Bass In The Place
Ivy Lab & Two Fingers – Orange
L 33 – My Town
L 33 – Mainroom

Recorded 17.11.2020