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In the second episode of the Locked-Into Drum & Bass Podcast I selected some new fresh tunes from the whole range of the D&B genre.

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Division (DNB) – Betrayal
Outrage – K Zero 9
Division (DNB) – Crypta
Halftone – Burnout
Buunshin – Abrasion
Shodan – Orbiting
Raiden & Meth – The John Wilson Project
Kastro feat Kyst Kortez – Creation of the Black
Zombie Cats – Mutation
Disrupta & Mofes – The Trip (feat. Haribo)
DLR & Break – Hit the Target
Outrage & Digital – Stampede
Outrage, Digital feat Irie J – Eclipse
Xav – Dubplate Fever
Outrage – Make Or Break
Raiden & Meth – The Bob Nudd Project
Phibes – Soundboy Killer
Buunshin – Sterven
Serum – Cut & Shut
Phibes – Diva
Delta Heavy – Space Time (VIP)
Tc – Edge Of Chaos
Delta Heavy – Take the Stairs (VIP)
Buunshin – No Match
John B – Up All Night (Data 3 Remix)
Killbox – Epicentre

Recorded: 12.12.2020

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