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In the third episode of the Locked Into D&B Podcast I played a set with the full range of the Drum & Bass genre. The set starts with some deep bassy tunes and continues with new Ragga Jungle remixes. I´ve also dropped some fantastic RAM Trilogy remixes and finally I kill it with „in your face“ neuro tunes.

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goddard. – Prospa
Dunk – Soldier Boy
Thir13en – Deactivated
Selecta J-Man – Coconut Chalwa (feat Cheshire Cat – Marcus Visionary remix)
Digital & Outrage – Reunion
Riot – The Swarm (Mikal Remix)
Kasra – Let It Slide (feat Slay)
Zombie Cats – Selva
Thir13en – Vital Signs
Amoss – Ghcb
Killbox – Beaker
RAM Trilogy – The Map (T>I remix)
Selecta J-Man, Aries & Blackout JA – Ninja Mi Ninja (feat Courtney Melody – T>I remix)
RAM Trilogy – Incoming (InsideInfo & Ant Miles remix)
Zombie Cats – I Want
Dopplershift – Champion (feat Lazersharkk & Crosby)
Mikal – Echoplex
Selecta J-Man – Round Here (feat Rider Shafique – Ben Snow remix)
Amoss – Speed Shades (Grey Code Remix)
Disrupta – Perspective
Aries & Jacky Murda – Jungle Style (feat Spyda – DJ Gaw remix)
RAM Trilogy – Titan (Shimon remix)
Surge – No 66
Disrupta & Magenta – Mind Control
AC13 – Awake (VIP)
Rahmanee – Bad Boy Steppa (Gray remix)5:00pm
Teddy Killerz – Revenge
RAM Trilogy – Iron Lung (SyRan remix)
Zombie Cats – Mutation
IMANU – Nonplus (SKANTIA remix)
Mind & Dolls – Burr Oak
No Regrets (feat Coppa) – Hallucinator
STFU (Shadow Sect & Hallucinator VIP Remix) – Shadow Sect & Dope D.O.D.
Wall of death – Hallucinator & Maztek
RAM Trilogy – No Reality (Andy C remix)

Recorded: 28.12.2020

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