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In the first episode of the Locked Into Drum & Bass Podcast in 2021 its getting deep in the beginning. As always the set includes many different sub genres of Drum & Bass. Pushing the tempo from minute to minute.

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Tell Me Your Lies feat. Sayntei – Hillsdom
Inveigle – Critical Event & Askel & Elere
Never Last – Rift feat Petroll & Cluda
Uprising Dub – Simstah
Deadly Fog – Division (DNB)
The Rift – Bowsar
Unforgiving – QZB
Under Pressure – Simstah
Ay Señor – Drytek feat Natty D
Badboy (Bish remix) – DJ Hybrid
Transistors – Neve
Kali Mist – Simstah & Chris Harmonics & Glyph
Styx – No_Name
Saga – Molecular
Useless (Original Mix) – FX909
Vindictive – Hexa
Yurei – Drytek
Soul Train – Kl
Blue Cortina – DJ Hazard
Riffs – Serum
Tear In Vain – DBridge
Zion – D-Minds
Play Again – Levela
When The Dreams Are Over – DJ Hazard
Destination Jungle – Bladerunner
Gloom – Slang (DNB)
Feel It – Drumsound & Bassline Smith
Testing Lab – Nais
Encore – The Caracal Project
Code To Optimize – Dj Aki, Yellock & Audio
Intoxicated – The Caracal Project
Distance (Buunshin remix) – Apashe feat. Geoffroy

Recorded: 23.01.2021

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