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In this episode I play another tune from the latest DC Breaks LP „DCXV“. Also another tune from the mighty DJ Trace. Taken from his LP „Retox“. There is new stuff from The Logistics and Original Sin. This time I push the tempo to the maximum at the end of the episode.

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Logistics – Jungle Music (DRS & Dynamite MC x Logistics Remix)
Xtrah – Murderation
CELO & Echo Motion – B-Field (Echo Motion remix)
Xtrah & Genic – Droplets
DJ Trace – Tactic
Particle And Klinical – Cult Process
Ink & Dylan – Need You (Ink Loxy & Resound Remix)
Khramer – Suspicious
Philth & Wreckless – Full Moon
Whiney & Subten – Headlines
Nasty Habits – Shadow Boxing (Benny L remix)
Philth & Wreckless – Stone Cold
Loxy & Dylan – Fraggle Rock (Ink Loxy & Resound Remix)
Particle & T>I – Vortex
Bou & Enei – DP
Khramer – You Can’t
Conrad Subs – Fury
666666 feat Marianna Ray – StxY XWxKe
D*Minds – Cash Man
Conrad Subs – Run It Pon Dem
Heist – Celestial (Original)
Original Sin – Tiger Kung Fu
Dima Zago – Serum
Current Value – Cockpit
MNDSCP – Scavenger
DC Breaks – Control The World
Brain Wave Vecster – Bones
The Martens – Rockin‘
Killbox – Cypher Pattern
Blast – Shapeshifter
Switch Technique & Freqax – Flaming Future
Kryzys – Disparity
Nightbreed – Pack Of Wolves (Pendulum remix)

Recorded: 06.02.2021

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