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In this episode I play many deep tunes with Jungle influences in the beginning. At the end its getting harder with new Neurofunk tunes. New stuff from Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Dbridge, Emperor, Xeomi & Kaiza, and many more…

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Qedamawi – Jah Live
HVRLYN – Piccadilly Bop
Chopstick Dubplate feat Cheshire Cat – I’m Sure (Subcriminal & Jacky Murda Remix)
Enigma – Ultrasonic
Ation Rend – Final Capture
Osmas – Heatman
Bou & Upgrade & Chimpo – Creeper
Dbridge – Last Nerve
Whiney & Inja – Game Face (Stay Alert)
HVRLYN – The Wedge
Bou & Enei – DP
Mozey – Knock Ya Block Off
Isaac Maya Painted Skies – Jungle Empire
Halflight – Take It Low
Future Cut – 20/20 VIP
Document One Levela – Heat Beams
Gest – Inertia
Hexatech – Destruct System
Jon Void – Drop It Low
Ephyum – Exitus
Emperor & Forbidden Society – Disremember
Cliques. – Not Of This World
Mystical Sound – Bounce
De:Tune – Vatican Cameo
Hilleh – Takedown
Mindhead – I Know (feat Mellanox)
Parkinsonick – Wall
A.M.C – Gotham (Drumsound & Bassline Smith remix)
Tr Tactics & Manta – The Hunt (original mix)
Mystical Sound – Strobe
Ed Rush & Optical – The Kindred
Bytecode – Kinetic (TR Tactics remix)
Xeomi Kaiza – Monochrome
Switch Technique – Forged

Recorded: 18.02.2021

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